Shisha Delivered to You

Order. Enjoy. Collected.

Hiring our Shisha products has got even easier!

Forget about Shisha bars or lounges. Create your very own Shisha experience.with our 24-hour hiring package.

Shisha is becoming more popular than ever and now you can create a unique atmosphere inside your own home or wherever you decide to enjoy our Shisha products.

Spice up your next party or event and entertain your guests with our amazing Shisha flavours.

Ideal for parties, gatherings, social events, BBQs, and more!

We’ll deliver straight to you and provide everything you need. You simply can’t go wrong by choosing us.

What You Get

When you hire from us, each of our Shisha products comes with:

  • 1 Head of flavour of your choice
  • 3 Cubes per flavour
  • 1 Hookah pipe
  • 24 Hours of fun

What is Shisha?

Flavoured tobacco* (Shisha) is burnt using charcoal which is smoked through a hookah.

The origins of Shisha smoking are debated, but most people agree that it started either in the Middle East or the Indian subcontinent.

The experience can be enjoyed by individuals or in a group setting where the Shisha would be shared as part of a social activity.

*The tobacco content is minimal and is considered a better alternative to cigarette smoking.

Discover all the flavours we have to offer

Shisha & Premium Flavours for £30

Shisha & Al-Fahker
(Traditional Flavours for £20)

Need extra flavours?
Add extra traditional flavours for £12.50

Then £2 for 6 extra cubes of the same flavour
Unsure which flavour to choose?
Contact us for recommendations

VIP Shisha Service

We know what it takes to make a great Shisha experience. Using our expertise and knowledge, we can set-up and manage your event, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your Shisha without worrying about the complexities of the Shisha.

We put together everything you need for a smooth smoking experience.

How to Hire Our Shishas

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